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    RDX jumper is come with High-quality Zippex for ultimate strength and improved comfort. The jumper is made of Polyestic material to avoid piling while keeping the inner side rough. 

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    Strengthen your arms and hands with these 2-lb. weighted gloves constructed with soft neoprene to enhance the comfort factor. Finger and thumb loops allow full dexterity, while hook and loop wrist strap provides a secure fit.

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    Vegan Protein delivers an exceptional nutritional profile along with great taste, additional Digezyme digestive enzymes and LactoSpore probiotic spores that is perfect for all sports people or anyone else looking for a high quality vegan protein.

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    RDX Sports understands the needs of the athletes and fighters and has come up with best groin guards to ensure the protection of the vulnerable and vital areas. These superior and high-quality groin guards not only ensure protection of the sensitive areas but also ensure comfort to allow the fighters to fight without any hurdles. 

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    Weider Low Carb High Protein Bar provides a consistent energy flow. The contained milk protein fuels your muscles for a long time - This process is essential while you are on a diet or when you want to tone your body up.

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    Flattering Fit and Hard Wearing

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    Each capsule of Pharma-Nord Bio-Quinone Q10 contains coenzyme Q10 in a highly absorbable form, using a patented soybean oil based delivery system.

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    RDX focus pads are curved in shaped for ideal endurance training. Made with Leather-X™ material along with Maya Hide™ built S.P.P™ treated hand compartment, the pads are one of the best available for training purposes to improve accuracy. The lightweight pad design comes with high-efficiency Aegis Protect-X™ and Max-Shock™ foam padding to absorb the...

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    RDX®’s bomb-proof chin-up and pull-up bar is a staple for gyms. Withstanding up to 150 KGS in weight, this standard RDX bar comes with Grip Flex™ on a 3.175CM wide in diameter – providing the perfect grip for your pull or chin up. HG-Steel™ electroplate provides advanced durability while treated with H-CR™ for anti-rusting abilities for all weather...

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    RDX Weight Lifting leather Gloves come as the latest addition to the RDX women category which ensure protection and comfort of the hands during workout sessions. The high-quality amara gym gloves for women are manufactured as the specialty of the RDX and thus are perfected to cater to the exercise requirements of women and efficient outcomes.

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    MuscleTech Mass Tech Performance Series is an advanced muscle mass gainer designed for any individual that has a tough time adding size or in their bulking size. Power-packed with 80 grams of protein and ridiculously high mass-producing calories when mixed with 475ml of skimmed milk, this potently superior formula is perfect for helping you with your...

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    RDX Gym straps offer the enhanced model of the gym straps that allows smoother gym workouts with the help of increased hand safety. The heavy-duty RDX Gym straps are composed of the stretchable material that proves to be the best fit and overcomes sloppiness during the intense workout sessions. 

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    This heavy duty gym quality pull up bar is upgraded for extra strength as it can handle up to 100kg weight and allows accuracy in punching and kicking. With high-quality RDX Iron Pull up bar you can customize routines planned for boxing as per your requirement.

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    RDX®’s standard chin up bar is made of exclusive RDX HG-Steel™ for enhanced durability. 3.175CM wide in diameter for perfect grip, the bar protrudes 41cm out of the wall and provides enough room to do your chin (or pull) ups without any restriction.

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    Recent findings have shown the importance of ‘healthy fats’ within a balanced diet, particularly the role of Omega 3. Omega 3 is an exceptional source of 'good' fats not easily obtained from a typical western diet, unless you eat large amounts of oily fish.

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